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Verbascum/Sulfur comp.

Package size | 15 ml – Pharmacode: 6299276 |
Ingredients |

1.0 ml of the medicinal product contains 0.063 ml each of:
Acidum hydrofluoricum D20 (HAB), Acidum silicicum D8 (HAB), Asa foetida D6 (HAB), Atropa bella-donna D6 (HAB), Cetraria islandica D3 (HAB), Equisetum arvense e herba rec. D6 (HAB 2a), Glechoma hederacea e herba rec. D3 (HAB 3a), Iodum D6 (HAB), Kalium bichromicum D8 (HAB), Lycopodium clavatum D6 (HAB), Matricaria recutita D3 (HAB), Rhododendron D4 (HAB), Rhus toxicodendron D20 (HAB), Sulfur D8 (HAB), Verbascum densiflorum D3 (HAB), Viola odorata e herba rec. D3 (HAB 3a).

How to use:

For personalized therapy, application and dosage according to healthcare professional.
Homeopathic remedies are not to be used over a longer period of time without professional advice.

Keep remedy out of children’s reach.
Shake bottle well before use.
Store original-bottle tightly closed.
Storage at room temperature (15°C to 25°C).
Do not use beyond date of expiry.

Contraindication :

Do not use if hypersensitive to Matricaria recutita or to other plants of the daisy family.
Do not use if hypersensitive to iodine. In case of thyroid hyperfunction do not use without medical advice.

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