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A cough is a symptom itself, not a disease. Its function is to keep airways free from foreign objects, or clear out substances that could narrow them. Reasons therefore can be diseases of the respiratory tract, the heart, the stomach, intake of medicine, or –more seldom- mental problems. The most common reason, however, is a common cold. There are two distinct types of coughs, productive and nonproductive. A productive cough brings up sputum from the respiratory tract; a nonproductive cough is dry and raises no sputum. It also can be differentiated between acute and chronic cough. Instead of treating the symptoms, it is necessary to find the illness the cough is based on and to treat the same. Since a cough is a protective reflex, that impedes obstruction of the airways, a productive cough should only then be treated, when sleep is impaired.

For the treatment of a cough, within the scope of the REGENA-Therapy, the following REGENAPLEX remedy can be used: