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Irritations oft he urinary tract, the gall bladder and the bile ducts

The urinary system comprises the kidney- and the bladder system including kidneys, urinary passage, bladder and urine duct as a functional unit. In case of an irritation of these organs ailments can change from acute pain in the area of the efferent urinary tract, spasm-like pain with strong burning when urinating or dull pain and the feeling of cold in the area of the kidneys. These symptoms are often accompanied by a nervous and depressive mood.

Irritation of the gall bladder or bile ducts is often a sign for renal calculi. In many cases symptoms are unspecific. Especially after fatty meals, pain in the epigastrum may occur, accompanied by a feeling of fullness, flatulence and nausea. A slight irritation of the gall bladder can easily be confused with gastritis. A stronger irritation may cause the pain to radiate into the back or the right shoulder.

For the treatment of these ailments, within the scope of the REGENA-Therapy, the following REGENAPLEX remedy can be used: