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Sinusitis is an inflammatory change of the mucosa of the sinuses caused either by virus or by bacteria. One distinguishes between acute and chronic sinusitis.

An acute suppuration of the sinuses often results from a common cold (rhinitis), when secretion of the sinuses is impeded.

A sinusitis can be considered chronic, when persisting more than 2-3 months. Mostly it derives from an acute or sub acute sinusitis, which was not healed completely. In case of an acute, recurrent sinusitis, symptoms can be a persistent loss of smell (anosmia), chronic, mostly watery running nose (Rhinorrhoea), post-nasal drip and a continuous dull pressure above sinuses or behind eyes. Often inflammatory polyps are growing in the sinuses.

Symptoms of an acute sinusitis are: headache accompanied by a feeling of pressure or drilling pain in the frontal region of the head, worsening in case of bending over or down, throbbing pain above forehead or in cheek area, behind eyes, often accompanied by rhinitis with purulent (yellow-green) secretion of nose, impeded breathing through the nose, constant post-nasal dripping. In case of profound inflammation, fever, exhaustion and impaired vision, a heavy cough can occur, disturbing the sleep at night. Sometimes there also are visible painful swellings, loss of efficiency, chronicle fatigue, dumbness caused by pressure and pain up to delirium in advanced stages.

For the treatment of sinusitis, within the scope of the REGENA-Therapy, the following REGENAPLEX remedy can be used: