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Venous congestion

Veins are blood vessels that lead the blood back to the heart. Every day about 7000 liters of blood of an adult are transported back to the heart. The muscles of feet and legs are a natural pumping system for the flow of blood against gravidity back to the heart. Venous valves keep the blood from flowing back during relaxation of the muscles.

Obstructions in the veins caused by varicose veins, inflammations, venous thrombosis can lead to venous valves that do not completely close and may impede a proper flow of the blood. In consequence a permanent congestion with venous overpressure might develop, which finally causes chronic venous insufficiency.

A venous congestion, with water being stored in the cell-tissue, leads to reduced transport of the lymph. This again increases the development of edema.

For the treatment of venous congestions the following REGENAPLEX remedy can be used within the scope of the REGENA-Therapy: